Top skills to have in 2023 The future is in your hand

Top Skills to have in 2023: Master these Skills and The Future is Yours

What does Skill Means?

Skills are like superpowers that you can learn by practicing things you love doing, such as playing a sport, cooking, singing or even public speaking. Just like how a skilled cricket player knows how to swing the ball to win the game, you too can learn skills to become better at things you enjoy doing. Skill is the ability to do something well, typically as a result of learning or practice. It is a specific expertise, knowledge or proficiency in a particular area, which can be developed through education, training, and experience.

Skills can be both hard (technical or quantifiable) and soft (interpersonal or behavioral) and are essential for personal and professional growth and success in life.

Two types of Skills

Why we need to enhance our Skill?

According to the latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage survey, a whopping 75% of companies have reported difficulty hiring due to talent shortages. This is the highest percentage in 16 years, and the gap seems to be growing every year. As we examine the report, we need to reflect on where we may be going wrong.

The world has changed dramatically during the pandemic, and technology and industries have evolved in ways that are difficult for many to comprehend. With the development of AI, employers now value workers who possess a broad range of skills. In this day and age, upgrading our skill sets is not only important for job seekers, but has become a basic necessity to thrive in our careers.

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s crucial to stay relevant and competitive in our respective fields. With the constant changes in technology and industry practices, we must keep up with the latest trends and developments to increase our employability. Upgrading our skills not only improves our job performance, but it also positions us for career advancement, personal development and discovering new passions.

In summary, the need to upgrade our skills is more important than ever. Whether we are currently employed or preparing to enter the job market, continually developing our skill sets is essential for personal and professional growth.

What are the top skills in 2023 that will give us the hold of the future?

1. Digital Literacy

Digital literacy refers to the ability to use and understand digital technologies effectively. This includes a range of skills such as coding, digital Marketing, Data Analysys, Web Development etc. You can etither choose to excel in these skills to build a career or simply being up to date in your workplace. At the end of the day mastering any of these skills would increase your probability to do well in future.

How can we learn Digital Literacy, top skills in 2023
Learning Digital Literacy

2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical thinking means really thinking about things and asking ourselves questions like “Why do I think this?” or “How did I come to this conclusion?” Problem solving means finding solutions to problems by thinking of different ways to solve them and trying different solutions until we find the best one. Both of these skills are important and can help us in many different situations, like solving puzzles or making hard choices. As the world gets more complicated, these skills become even more important. They help people make good decisions, avoid problems, and come up with new ideas. This is important for jobs in fields like science and technology where people need to think creatively to solve problems.

How can we learn critical thinking and problem solving.
Learn the skill of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

3. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a really important skill for the future. While machines and AI can handle many jobs, they can’t do everything. Humans are still needed to work with machines and bring their unique abilities to the table. Emotional intelligence means being able to understand other people, their needs, and their feelings. This is what sets us apart from machines and helps us to work together more effectively. In the future, having emotional intelligence will be more and more important as we work with new technologies and face new challenges. You can also read our article “Mastering Emotional Intelligence.

How can we develop emotional intelligence? Empathy, self-awareness
Develop Emotional Intelligence

4. Communication Skills

Communication skill is one of the most in-demand soft skill in today’s world and will continue in the future too. In an increasingly globalized world, where people from different cultures and backgrounds work together, the ability to communicate effectively is crucial to building relationships, understanding diverse perspectives, and achieving common goals. Good communication skills can help individuals to articulate their ideas clearly, build rapport with colleagues, and negotiate effectively. In many industries, good communication skills are considered one of the most important qualities of a successful leader. We are living in a world where information is abundant, and the ability to effectively communicate and convey ideas is more important than ever. Individuals who possess strong communication skills will be better equipped to express their ideas and opinions in a way that resonates with others and to create meaningful connections with people both personally and professionally.

How to improve Communication Skills?
Improve your communication skills

5. Habit Building

Habit building is a skill that helps us to create good habits and break bad ones. Habits are things we do without really thinking about them, like brushing our teeth before bed or biting our nails when we’re nervous. Some habits are good for us, while others are not so good. With habit building, we learn how to make new habits that are good for us, like exercising regularly or reading every day. We also learn how to break old habits that are not so good, like watching too much TV or eating too much junk food. Habit building is important because good habits help us to be healthier, happier, and more successful in life. When we have good habits, we don’t have to think so hard about what to do next, because our habits just become part of our routine. This frees up our brain to focus on other things, like learning new skills or solving problems. Overall, habit-building is a really useful skill to have, because it helps us to create the kind of life we want for ourselves, one good habit at a time!

How can we build our habits. What is habit building. Why we need to build habit.
Learn Habit Building

Where does India stand when it comes to Skill Gap in 2023?

India faces a significant skill gap across various sectors and industries. According to a report by the National Skill Development Corporation, only 2.3% of the workforce in India has undergone formal skill training, compared to 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany, and 52% in the US. The report also notes that the skill gap is particularly acute in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and healthcare, and in areas such as soft skills, entrepreneurship, and management.

To address this issue, the Indian government has launched several initiatives such as the Skill India Mission, which aimed to provide training to 40 crore people by 2022. However, according to the recent survey by ManpowerGroup India has 83% of talent shortage which indicates that much more needs to be done to bridge the skill gap and equip the workforce with the skills needed to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy.

Skill Gap in India


The world is rapidly changing, and the skills that were once valued may no longer be relevant in the future. To stay ahead of the game, it’s crucial to continuously learn and develop new skills that can help us adapt to the changing landscape. The top skills to learn, such as digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, habit-building, emotional intelligence, and communication, can not only help us succeed in our careers but also in our personal lives. It’s time to take action and start investing in ourselves by learning these skills, as they may be the key to unlocking a better and brighter future. Remember, the only thing constant in life is change, and those who are adaptable and versatile will thrive in the years to come.

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